We give our clients the Courage, Skills and Resilience

to have Challenging Conversations

Our training works.

It pays for itself.

No nonsense.



About Brass Tacks

Success in business and life is largely governed by the uncomfortable conversations that most people instinctively avoid.

Whether you are starting a tough negotiation or grasping the nettle with a disruptive team member, such conversations are like a dance.

Once you are taught the steps, you are going to get better results and might even begin to enjoy (rather than dread!) the process.

We firmly believe that only those with lived experiences of such challenges have the credibility required to push people out of their comfort zones and lead them to embrace positive change.

Over two decades in Life Sciences, our Managing Director developed a no nonsense reputation for

building top-performing commercial organisations, consistently exceeding performance expectations against P&Ls measured in the tens and hundreds of millions of pounds.

Brass Tacks offer our clients the best of what Gareth and our Consultant Group have made work in the real world, across Sales, Negotiation, Leadership, Commercial Excellence and the "crunchy conversations" that separate leaders from followers. 

If you demand the best for your team and if you enjoy doing things a little differently, then we think you'll enjoy a conversation with us!

Gareth Roberts
Managing Director