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Great leaders are not born, they are trained by our team of friendly experts at Brass Tacks!

Whether you are onboarding new leaders into new teams or taking seasoned managers to the next level, we have a solution for you.



Need a training partner who your sales teams will see as credible?

We use our lived experience of smashing sales targets - both as representatives and then as senior sales leaders - to transform sales organisations.



Nobody ever whistled a symphony.

Great commercial results and a winning culture happen when Sales, Marketing and Operations operate in harmony, seizing every opportunity to execute better and drive profit. 

Leverage our commercial leadership experience to drive results in your business.

Client Testimonials

​Every Sales, Negotiation, Leadership or Commercial Excellence course we provide is delivered by experts with the credibility to drive behavioural change.


Our rapidly expanding client list includes Fortune 500 organisations spanning industries such as Life Sciences, Retail, Restaurants & Financial Services.

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